Made In Spanish is a company based in Mexico City and dedicated to dubbing into neutral Spanish of all types of television and film material. It also performs the dubbing or voice over of institutional videos, training videos and even video games.

Since the beginning of 2014 Gabriel Cobayassi and Tomas Silva joined forces looking for the two companies to achieve new goals, to reach a new level of excellence for their clients.

The dubbing quality produced by the company, the experience of the production team and adding the trajectory of both executives have led this partnership to meet its initial goals in a very short time.

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Visual Communication

Longo Advertising is a company based in Miami and dedicated to the creation of visual communication, graphic design and image development. Its chief executive, Cathy Longo, has extensive experience in transforming original ideas into successful promotional images. Deciphering the needs of each customer to translate them into graphical form.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city of Miami has given this team a multicultural vision that has achieved great success in developing campaigns with single coverage on social networks or the nationwide launch of new and innovative products.